Me x Manikan

by - Sunday, November 11, 2018

HAPPY SUNDAY! So excited to share my previous collaboration with Manikan! All bags from @wearemanikan 

Sakala Bag by Manikan

Laras Bag by Manikan

You've probably seen me wear this white dress a billion times by now... it seriously is the most versatile dress OF ALL TIME. It's really thick and high quality.

Niskala Bag by Manikan

I love how chic this outfit is... It might be one of my favourite outfits.

Niskala Bag by Manikan

I'm crazy for this Velvet Pink Dress. I need to wear it next with an ankle boots :D 

Lula Bag By Manikan

I always invest in a few really good basics, simple pieces that can be worn a zillion different ways and that will last forever. And this dress is made up for those pieces. It's REALLY well-made and on top of it, soooooo soft and cozy.


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